Depending on the type of property, the documents need to be updated from time to time. For example…

      For Agricultural Lands - You need to get your name enrolled in Pahanies every year even if you have already done once after registration.

      For open plots/apartments/villas/commercial properties - You need to get final layout approval from appropriate authority and many other related        documents.
In case your property is located in the near vicinity of any major town which is covered under our purview; we will take up the assignment of monitoring it. However, the cost of ‘monitoring’ would depend on the exact location of the Property.
Yes, we can arrange a Lawyer for you. Modalities will be explained to you before we undertake such an assignment on your behalf. Generally, your presence may not be called for in the event of legal recourse, but if needed, you’ll be informed.
Yes, we will seek your prior approval before incurring any extra expense if crops up during the course of executing our services.
This is an important query. It is said, “The chain is as strong as its weakest link.” There are possibilities of hoodwinking the system by some interested party in the chain, and eventually you may be silently taken for a ride.

But, the good news is that we are not part of this chain, so we do not have any vested interests. Our only purpose is to check the authenticity of your documents as an independent third party so that you may not suffer and repent later on.
Yes, your authenticated representative can deal on your behalf. You need to send us a scanned copy of Approval Letter signed by you and your representative along with with his/ her valid ID proof.
Yes, we do provide leasing and rental services also.